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Michael offers you initiations and in-depth private teachings in authentic Tantric Kundalini Laya Yoga. This unique practice aims to liberate you by altering your predefined motoric behavior through a series of alienated and desynchronized rhythms that exist in the space between movement and breath. As a result, your body becomes self-aware and unlocks its holding patterns. By practicing these previously undiscovered Kundalini Kriya Sadhanas, you create a state of nervous system confusion in your mind-body-being. This confusion offers the potential for true change, allowing your body and mind to expand into unexplored realms of consciousness.


Michael is a master practitioner and lineage holder of a left-handed Shakta Tantra tradition, an authentic form of pre-Vedic Tantra and Laya Yoga. He has spent his life gathering and practicing the lost traditions of yoga and is uniquely qualified to guide you toward unlocking your spiritual power. Through his expertise, Michael can help you overcome the worst kinds of trauma, shyness, neurotic behavior, and addictions, leading you into a blissful realm of consciousness.

First introduced to his spiritual power through open-eyes darkness meditation, Michael experienced challenging and virtually unknown practices that led to one-on-one encounters with angels and demons. After mastering darkness practice, he awakened the light body through Kundalini and ultimately received the spiritual gift of the serpent's bite, an accomplishment that eludes even the most dedicated of disciples.


"When we are completely deprived of energy or lack motivation, we often do not want to talk to anyone, do not even want to be looked at or touched by others. We want to be invisible or even dead. At the same time, on a primal level, we crave love, affection, care, tenderness, and sex. In these moments of low energy, we often feel we have nothing to give, no light to share with others. We are too broken, too empty, or consumed with our own unwillingness to hold on to life to be able to be there for others. In such moments of despair, one needs a space of magic, a space that can hardly be found in our society. Even if it seems unbelievable from the outside a sensual Liberation Retreat can completely transform a person over a period of three weeks. No other system or therapy that exists today has the same kind of transformative power."


Discovering this ancient sacred knowledge has been a revelation for me. It has shown me the immense inner strength that we all possess, and how it should not be taken for granted or used for mere amusement. These powerful techniques were designed to help us realize the divine gifts within ourselves and utilize them to fulfill our life's purpose and align with the divine plan.

This incredible power that lies within us is both a sacred gift and a heavy responsibility. The greater the gift we receive, the heavier the burden we must bear. However, I have come to understand that the divine always provides us with the strength to carry our burdens and honor our gifts.

To squander these gifts in vain pursuits is to refuse our duty to carry the divine burden. Life is given to us as a precious opportunity to truly live and experience the world. The meaning of life is found in the very act of living itself, for it is through our lives that the divine experiences creation and finds self-awareness.

During my one-week private coaching in Milano, I have come to appreciate the depth and significance of this sacred wisdom. I am now more mindful of the divine gifts within me and the responsibility I have to use them wisely. This knowledge has profoundly changed my perspective on life and has given me a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Inna from Russia in Milano / 1-week private coaching

The way Michael mirrors current dimension into the deeper layers of karmic law is beautiful. It’s difficult to discern whether it makes it possible to take things less seriously or renders it impossible to take things less seriously.

Persephone 39 years NYC

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