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“Michael Perin Wogenburg turned tragedy into triumph to create a new form of naked yoga therapy” 

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Paul Rouse

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I was torn from my imagination. Michael said: “Concentrate on scent. Imagine that you are only a fragrance. The smell of freshly brewed coffee filling your nose as you enter the kitchen, the scent of flowers in nature, the fragrance of the woman sitting next to you, try to become one with these aromas. That is Gandha. What do you feel is stronger in your life - Gandha or Sparsha? What kind of human being are you?”

Slowly I relaxed and noticed, that Michael’s voice was actually pleasant. Nothing he says has to do with the nonsense I always hear. What he was talking about was as if it was coming from another world, another time. It seemed to me as if I had done it all before, thousands of years ago. read more




SLR. in Rio de Janeiro

Liya Placeholder Forbidden Yoga Sensual Liberation Camp

In the sensual liberation camp, the first thing I learned was to trust myself. Trusting myself became the key to my personal liberation. When you trust yourself, you can get all you wish. All your fear, inferiority complexes, guilt, low self-esteem and in general all suffering come from the delusions of your own nature. The purity of perception liberates you. The secret of transformation is in being given the access to your true self through certain practices, who then give you the confidence never to leave the path to personal liberation again. read more


 Placeholder in Thailand and Turkey

Michael is a fantastic person, teacher and friend. He can read people so well. I always felt that he knew what I needed next and also how I felt. I could feel that he cared about me and I could feel his love - for me, and for people in general. It is also very inspiring to see how he deals with strangers, like in a coffee shop. His attitude and way of being let people trust him quickly, made them laugh, or just connect with him in a way they usually might not. read more


customized S.L.C. in Thailand

Markus and Liya
Luna Corazon Client Sensual Liberation Camp Forbidden Yoga Tantra

I booked a private retreat with Michael in Bali that literally changed my life. Michael was able to help me rediscover the passion I was looking for in my career but not before I was forced to deal with subconscious patterns from my romantic relationships that were sabotaging my self worth. The authentic yogic tradition from which Michael operates is both magical and transformative. Highly recommended!

—  Aaron

customized S.L.C. in Bali

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