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Austrian-born Michael Perin Wogenburg offers initiations and in-depth private teachings in authentic Tantric Laya Yoga, a lost tradition of yoga, which aims for liberation by changing someone's predefined motoric behavior through a series of alienated and desynchronized rhythms that are in the space between movement and breath. This causes the body to become self-aware and unlock its holding patterns. The practice of these previously undiscovered Kriya Sadhanas creates a nervous system confusion in the mind-body-being; this confusion holds the potential for true change by allowing your body mind to expand into unknown spaces of consciousness.


Michael is the protector of an ancient, esoteric spiritual tradition stemming from the left-hand path of Tantra. Spirituality, art, the mystical, and the occult have always been a fascination for Michael, beginning in his early childhood in Carinthia, Austria. In 1995, together with his wife Stefanie, Michael created an interactive media design company - Science Wonder Productions. He ended his career in media design after the loss of his wife and second child in child labor, and redirected his passion into locating therapeutic methods to work through the state of shock and trauma he found himself in. Frustrated with the inefficiency of his findings, Michael began studying and developing an interdisciplinary system for working with trauma. He longed for techniques that would help him on his recovery journey, but would also inspire him creatively and reconnect him with the magical, awe-filled experience of his childhood. 

Unimpressed with his findings and desperate for his own healing, he began studying and experimenting with several therapeutic modalities. Michael inherited teachings from an ancient line of Tantric gurus which integrated with elements of performance theatre, psychoanalysis, animist rituals, and other psycho-ritual methods of healing. The cornerstone of Michael’s offerings is the Sensual Liberation Retreat,  a one to four-week program uniquely curated to meet the needs and desires of each participant. 


Michael Perin Wogenburg is a master practitioner and lineage holder of a left handed Shakta Tantra tradition, an authentic form of pre-Vedic Tantra and Laya Yoga. Michael was first led to an awareness of his spiritual power through open eyes darkness meditation, a challenging and virtually unknown practice that led him to one-on-one encounters with angels and demons. After mastering darkness practice, Michael was given Kundalini for awakening the light body, and was ultimately bitten by the serpent, a spiritual gift that eludes even the most dedicated of disciples.

Michael has spent his life gathering and practicing the lost traditions of yoga, and is uniquely qualified to guide individuals to their own spiritual power. For the past several years, Michael has been teaching these practices to a select group of individuals on private retreats in Southeast Asia. After seeing the power that these practices have for healing and transformation, Michael has decided to share his knowledge with a wider audience.

Michael now travels the world leading workshops, seminars and private retreats. Michael is also the founder of Forbidden Yoga, an organization that is dedicated to sharing these practices for the benefit of future generations.


Former erotic actress Luna Corazon from Brazil participated in one of the first SLRs. Here she shares some insights on what it’s like to work with Michael. After working with Michael, she decided to withdraw from her adult acting career and to become a successful trauma coach.


"When we are completely deprived of energy or lack motivation, we often do not want to talk to anyone, do not even want to be looked at or touched by others. We want to be invisible or even dead. At the same time, on a primal level, we crave love, affection, care, tenderness, and sex. In these moments of low energy, we often feel we have nothing to give, no light to share with others. We are too broken, too empty, or consumed with our own unwillingness to hold on to life to be able to be there for others. In such moments of despair, one needs a space of magic, a space that can hardly be found in our society. Even if it seems unbelievable from the outside a sensual Liberation Retreat can completely transform a person over a period of three weeks. No other system or therapy that exists today has the same kind of transformative power."

"I've never been one for coaches in general.

I always felt like they were trying to sell me something more than what I needed, but the first time I met Michael, he made so much sense and we clicked instantly. He helped me think outside of my box and really opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities that I hadn't even considered before. He's helped me to deal with and subsequently overcome my issues. Definitely recommend!"

Mathias - 33 - Austrian Entrepreneur 

This ancient sacred knowledge demonstrates to a person this incredible inner strength so that he does not play with it.  These techniques were developed to let people know what they have inside them.  This power was not given to man for entertainment, but to fulfill God’s providence, to accomplish God’s will.  He gives life and sees how we deal with it, that life and its sacred gifts. This inherent human power is a sacred gift and a heavy burden.  The greater the gift, the heavier the burden.  But God always gives both the gift and the burden according to strength.  Wasting the gift in vain - means not bearing the burden, not giving God the burden of God.  Life is given to man to live.  The meaning of life is in life itself. It is through this that the Lord looks at his creation and at himself. I feel so.

Tatiana - Russia / 1 week private coaching


The package includes 24 personal coaching sessions with Michael.


2 TIMES PER WEEK            



 $ 5000 

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